Sunday, 7 October 2012


On the west coast this year we had a lovely summer - which makes up for the wet mud-bath we had to endure last year.  The brambles are luscious in the hedgerows, and my painting has also been developing in the summer sun.  Thus no time for posting on the blog.  I hope to ferment the fruits of both brambles and field sketches into something that will sustain me through the winter.

Many small projects have also taken up my time this year. I've written an article on seabirds for the RSPB 'Birds' Magazine, and I ran wildlife art workshops on Colonsay for their Spring Festival.  I've been teaching paper-making and printmaking at a local school in association with Kilmartin House Museum. I also produced bird images for Buffera for them to use on an "I Spy" type identification buff.  Examples below.

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