Thursday, 15 October 2009

Insect collagraphs

Last winter, when all the insects had gone to ground and I too was holed up away from the wind and rain in my studio, I decided to do a series of insect collagraphs. My original idea was simply to make christmas presents for all my family, but the series has been very popular, and other people have been asking for these prints. Now the winter weather is closing in again, I plan to make some more.
At this time of year the Craneflies come into our porch, and if they're lucky, make it past the spider's webs and into the house to bumble about in the corners.

The only insects that I can be sure of finding at any time of year are the glossy Dor Beetles. They lumber around among the oak leaves on the forest floor in Taynish, our local nature reserve, where the oak trees cluster from hill-top to sea-shore.

So now I must get to work to make some new images.