Monday, 9 April 2012

Tricky Tups

To get to the shallow pools where the lapwing display on Oronsay,
I have to negotiate several gates.
Each one involves getting in and out of the landrover twice,
and many involve wrestling with an idiosyncratic and 
cranky bolt. Worse still, the entire route can be surveyed from the 
kitchen window of the farm, so all my tribulations can be noted by 
Mike. The trickiest part of this obstacle course is the gate onto the 
dunes where every morning a reception committee of tups awaits me. 
All winter they have been fed pellets to supplement the winter grass, 
and they see no reason why that should stop now. As I open the gate 
they all surge forwards, jostling around the landrover and banging it 
with their horns. I manage to get past them, but now of course the 
sheep are on the wrong side of the gate. I try to run around them to 
herd them back through, but more animals stream into the field, 
bleating expectantly at me. Eventually I grab the plastic bag that 
covers my sketch pads and shake it at them. Food!! They stream back 
through the gate as I run twice around the landrover and swing the 
gate closed, hoping that Mike has finished his breakfast and is busy 

1 comment:

  1. haha that must have been a comical sight to see! At least it led to a great painting!